Monika Piper Johnson Oil Paintings

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Artist Statement Monika Piper Johnson


I have studied many different methods of creating art. My favorite, and the place I do my most inspired work, is ?plein air' -- outside. The mountains and great outdoors around my Lake Tahoe home provide me with endless creative vision, and I love the fact that no two days -- in fact no two hours or minutes -- are ever the same. Light glows and fades, shadows weave in and out, the weather does its mischievous dance, and so I am challenged to work quickly to capture the moment, knowing I'll never have the same opportunity again.


I love taking my dog with me because it encourages me to find locations away from the roads where she can safely play, and I can enjoy the peace and quiet as I paint, often using my palette knife to create bold textures and bright pure colors.


I am fortunate to have worked with and studied under many of the painters and artists whom I deeply admire, including Wendy Ulmann, Gregory Kondos, Kit Night, Wanda Mumm and most recently Erik Holland, Shelley Zentner, Andy Skaff and Jean LeGassick


As I've matured and grown as an artist, I've learned to appreciate "art in the ordinary". Color and texture abound in our lives. In my previous career as a hairdresser and salon owner, I always enjoyed the opportunity to use my artistic eye and love of color to create what many of my clients called ?wearable art'. The transition from hair to art was natural and comfortable for me, as both utilize my artistic color palette and design instincts.  


Connecting with nature and getting to share my interpretation as a form of self-expression in art is spiritual experience for me. Since I love to ski, it's no surprises that mountains are one of my favorite subjects!